May 17, 2024    Update A106    • Added a View Previous Jobs button.
May 15, 2024    Update A105    • Improved processing speed of HLS streams.
May 7, 2024    Update A104    • Improved support for processing multiple subtitle jobs simultaneously.
• Added the Destination Filename parameter to Email and Download destinations where it determines the filenames inside the Zip file.
• Added more informative status and error messages.
• Added support for DASH (.mpd) stream URLs.
May 2, 2024    Update A103    • Added credit balance check immediately before job processing begins.
• Added support for malformed Dropbox URLs.
• Display errored jobs in transactions list.
• Adjusted processing to support video content with LFE mapping errors.
April 31, 2024    Update A102    • Corrected bug that caused Destination File Name to be ignored.
April 20, 2024    Update A101    • Added support for credit codes.
April 20, 2024    Update A100    • Initial public release.

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